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Last Updated on 1 March 2023 at 08:55

Blackline were very fortunate to welcome to the workshop this distinctive Jaguar E-Type for some paint repair work before being quickly sold once again at auction.

The story of the 1966 Jaguar Series 1 4.2 Coupe E-Type with its unique history and aristocratic connections is truly captivating. The combination of its special order modifications and its association with the Sixth Earl of Cawdor gives it significant historical importance. The fact that it was one of only three quad light E-Types ever built adds to its rarity and desirability among car enthusiasts and collectors.

The unfortunate accident involving Lord Cawdor in 1967 highlights the fragility of classic cars and the potential dangers they faced on the roads of the past. It’s fortunate that the car was eventually rescued from its state of disrepair in a shed after being left dormant for several decades. The dedication and effort that went into restoring it over a span of two years speaks to the passion and commitment of those involved in bringing this historical piece back to life.

The quad headlamp design, modified ‘shark gill’ bonnet, Koni shock absorbers, competition wire wheels, and Restall seats are all unique features that add to the car’s individuality and distinguish it from other E-Types of its time. The conversations surrounding these features and its history would undoubtedly make for fascinating discussions among car enthusiasts, historians, and collectors alike.

Rare Quad Headlamps

The quad headlamp Jaguar E-Type refers to a variation of the classic Jaguar E-Type sports car that features four headlights at the front, as opposed to the more common dual headlamp setup found on most E-Types. This design alteration was not a factory standard but rather a modification that was occasionally done by individual owners, aftermarket companies, or specialised coachbuilders.

The quad headlamp modification was often combined with other customisations or upgrades to create a unique appearance or performance package. The modification could include changes to the front grille, bonnet (hood), and front fenders to accommodate the additional headlights. These customisations aimed to give the E-Type a distinct and eye-catching look.

The rarity of the quad headlamp Jaguar E-Types stems from the fact that this modification was not widely produced or officially endorsed by Jaguar. As a result, quad headlamp E-Types are relatively scarce compared to the more common dual headlamp models.

These unique variations of the Jaguar E-Type, whether quad headlamp or otherwise, are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts due to their rarity, distinctive design, and the stories associated with their creation. They showcase the personalisation and customisation culture that existed around classic cars, where owners could express their individual tastes and preferences by modifying their vehicles.

Overall, this story showcases the significance of preserving automotive history and the dedication required to restore and maintain these exceptional vehicles, especially when they have such rich and unique histories associated with them.

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