Blackline Classic Cars

To get the very best out of your classic car, we recommend and offer the following modifications and enhancements:

  • Suspension handling kits.
  • Uprated brakes.
  • Uprated engines or performance engines.
  • Uprated gearboxes (5 & 6-speed options).
  • Fuel injection systems.
  • Power-assisted steering kits.
  • Dynamo to alternator conversions.
  • Uprated radiators for improved cooling.
  • Uprated cooling fan kits.
  • Modern stereo systems fitted.
  • Modern speakers fitted behind custom-made trim panels.
  • Fully integrated air-conditioning systems.
  • Alarms, immobilisers and central-locking systems.
  • Wooden and veneered dashboards.
  • Big bore exhaust and manifold systems.

If you have any requirements not listed above – please contact us to enquire on 01884 841110 or email us at [email protected]